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1 the state of being excluded [ant: inclusion]
2 the state of being excommunicated [syn: excommunication, censure]
3 a deliberate act of omission; "with the exception of the children, everyone was told the news" [syn: exception, elision]
4 the act of forcing out someone or something; "the ejection of troublemakers by the police"; "the child's expulsion from school" [syn: ejection, expulsion, riddance]

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< (French: exclusion), exclusio, from excludere.


  1. the act or an instance of excluding
  2. the state of being excluded





From exclusio, from excludere.


fr-noun f
  1. exclusion

Extensive Definition

Exclusive may refer to:
  • In journalism, exclusive can refer to information provided to or available from only one news outlet, such as an interview or photograph.
  • In the description of any formally defined set, the rules by which an object may be defined as excluded from the set are referred to as rules of exclusion.
  • In the description of a mathematical set, the term exclusive denotes that the endpoints of a range are not included within the set. For example, "the integers -2 to 2 exclusive" refers to the set ; the endpoints, -2 and 2, are excluded. The term is generally applied to discrete elements.
  • Exclusive or, an operator in Boolean logic
  • Exclusive we in linguistics refers to first-person non-singular pronouns that don't include the addressee, i.e. we excluding you
  • Exclusive (album), the name of R&B singer Chris Brown's second album
  • Exclusive (EP), an EP by U2
  • Exclusive (play), a 1989 play by Jeffrey Archer

Other uses

  • In marketing, "exclusive" can refer to products that are only available from select distributors or retailers, and have never been released before, or only at a particular event.
  • In tax rates, "exclusive" can refer to a tax system that does not include taxes owed as part of the base.
  • In dating, "exclusive" refers to the activity of dating one person, sometimes referred to as "going steady" or "seeing how things go."

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exclusion in Swedish: Exklusion

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Eighteenth Amendment, Prohibition Party, Volstead Act, abjuration, abjurement, abscission, amputation, annihilation, ban, banishment, bar, blackball, blackballing, chucking, chucking out, complaint, contempt, contraband, contradiction, declination, declining, defrocking, degradation, demotion, denial, depluming, deportation, deprivation, despisal, despising, destruction, dim view, disagreement, disallowance, disappointment, disapprobation, disapproval, disbarment, discard, disclamation, discontent, discontentedness, discontentment, discounting, disenchantment, disesteem, disfavor, disfellowship, disgruntlement, disillusion, disillusionment, dismissal, disownment, displeasure, displuming, disregard, disrespect, dissatisfaction, dissent, distaste, ejection, elimination, embargo, eradication, eviction, exception, excision, excommunication, exile, expatriation, expulsion, extinction, extirpation, extradition, forbiddance, forbidden fruit, forbidding, fugitation, ignoring, index, index expurgatorius, index librorum prohibitorum, indignation, inhibition, injunction, interdict, interdiction, interdictum, law, lockout, low estimation, low opinion, mutilation, no-no, nonacceptance, nonapproval, nonconsideration, objection, omission, opposition, opposure, ostracism, ostracization, ouster, outlawing, outlawry, passing by, preclusion, prevention, prohibition, prohibitory injunction, proscription, protest, putting away, putting out, rebuff, recantation, refusal, rejection, relegation, removal, renouncement, repression, repudiation, repulse, rescission, restrictive covenants, riddance, ruling out, rustication, scouting, spurning, statute, stripping, sumptuary laws, suppression, taboo, throwing out, thumbs-down, transportation, turning out, unfrocking, unhappiness, zoning, zoning laws
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